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Portable gas analyzers Series 200 and 500

Portable Outdoor Air Quality Monitors


Our portable air monitors are designed to make ambient air quality monitoring easy. They are used by researchers, professionals, and non-experts alike to gather indicative air quality data. Small enough to fit comfortably in the hand, they can be used anywhere – indoors or outdoors, on the street, up a mountain, they’ve even been used in Antarctica!

Measure multiple gaseous pollutants

The air monitors are compatible with our full range of gas sensor heads. Each sensor head measures one gaseous pollutant, so sensor heads can be swapped to allow the measurement of all the gaseous pollutants you need to measure. Swapping sensor heads is easy – it takes seconds and can be done in the field, with no recalibration required before or after.

Precise measurement at an affordable price

The monitors were developed with precise measurement (not just detection) in mind. The performance of some sensors is in the ppb range, which is the sort of performance you’d expect from an analyzer worth several thousands of dollars. Instead, these air monitors cost a fraction of that to own and are far less complicated to operate.

Choose the one that’s right for you

For a full featured monitor with in-built datalogging and PC software for managing your data, consider the Series 500 portable air pollution monitor. For an entry level model which displays readings on a large digital display, try the Series 200.



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